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retake GRE for Econ Phd


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Hi everyone. I took the GRE last summer and got 163Q 157V 5W, my gpa is 3.76 (my major GPA is probably higher) and I'm Applied math + Econ at a practically unranked school for Economics. I have volunteer experience, small research award, and teaching experience (basically tutoring, but with different titles). I am second author on a manuscript but I'm positive we won't have the paper by the time I apply. I also spent a semester writing a paper of my own that I hope I'll have ready then (not published, just a writing sample). I have family (special needs) who I want to stay close to, so I'd really hope I could stay relatively close to NJ. Beggars can't be chooser though, so any recommendation is appreciated. My questions are:

1. I already registered to retake my GRE. I was sad about the score, especially the quant section, my diagnosis on Magoosh though, was surprisingly accurate, for those who also use Magoosh. Do you think, assume the worst case that my GRE quant won't get better even after the next take, 163 is good enough for Michigan State or a decent school with health economics faculty? 

2. Any school recommendations?

3. What should I do with the manuscript I wrote with a faculty member (presented at a conference, under revision for resubmission.)

Thanks a lot! 

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