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Clinical and School Psychology


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Hi all! 

I am a Canadian undergraduate student in the final year of my degree with a real interest in pursuing either clinical or school psychology. However, I have a few questions about how competitive I would be. 

I am graduating with an honours degree (with thesis) in sociology, but I originally planned on doing psychology so I have 42 credits in psychology also. I have worked as a research assistant for 3 different professors (6 month terms), I have worked as a teaching assistant 3 times (6 month terms), I do not have any independent publications but I have my name on one publication (but not as the primary author). My undergraduate GPA is 4.15/4.30, and at this point I have over one year of experience working with children who struggle in school. I am taking a year or two off to work and make money in a major Canadian city (I am a waiter), but I will also be trying to volunteer for professors at the local universities or even find paid research assistantships. 

Does anyone have an idea whether or not I will be a competitive applicant for clinical and school psychology programs? Obviously I need to have more specific research interests than I currently do in order to find a good professor match, but just based on the stats I outlined above, how am I looking? Thanks so much to whoever took the time to read this! 


All the best,


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