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MPA- Baruch Marxe v.s. NYU Wagner


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Hi everyone,

I was accepted to both Baruch Marxe and NYU Wagner for their respective MPA programs, and I am pursuing a career working in nonprofit management. I received scholarships from both schools, which I am very thankful for. I am an in state resident, meaning that Baruch would be extremely affordable for me to attend. NYU gave me a 30% tuition scholarship, which I am thankful for considering I hear they rarely give out scholarships. I am very torn between the two, as it seems that they are both great programs but offer different things. Both have very good job prospects post graduation, but from what I have read it seems that students at Wagner tend to be closer knit and there's a lot more student clubs and events. This is important to me, however I'm not sure if it's still worth the large tuition price, even with my scholarship. It also seems like the classes at baruch are filled with older professionals, which I am okay with, but I am only a year out of undergrad so I would like to have some people in my classes similar to my age and stage in career. I'm looking for advice on student experiences from both schools and if people have had good experiences at Baruch, or if NYU really is worth the extra $40k. Thanks so much!

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