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Another GRE scores and PhD question


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I have a question regarding GRE scores and getting whether its worth applying to Stanford's Sociology  and Harvard's Social Policy PhD programs. In short, I ran into health problems and due to them I scored low on my GRE. 149V and 154Q and delayed my application prep. I also had to take the exam late (November 4th). I have a strong desire to apply to these programs because of their cross disciplinary work with their social psychology departments. Also, my interest align very well with the programs and while I have only a month before the deadlines I am confident I can write a good SoP. I have published works and presentations that are relevant, strong research background (research officer for an international NGO the past 2 years), graduate of UC Berkeley's MPP program, and my recommendations lined up. 

I welcome any thoughts, as I need to decide to grid this month to complete the applications or to wait until next year. 


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