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Which Scores to Report for GRE


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I first wrote the GRE without studying at the end of the summer to give me an idea of where I landed and identify my weaknesses. I scored 157V (74 percentile), 153Q (49 percentile), and 5.0AW (92 percentile). I spent the next three months studying relatively intensely - specifically for quant. I wrote the exam last week and scored 160V (86 percentile), 150Q (37 percentile), and 5.5AW (98 percentile).

Both quant scores are pretty abysmal but I'm not sure if I should choose my first generally mediocre scores or the second, good verbal/analytical writing and TERRIBLE quant. My applications should be strong otherwise (3.93/4.00 undergraduate GPA; strong LORs; over 20 poster presentations; 4 co-authored pubs; working on a master's thesis; high subject GRE scores) but I'm applying top PhD clinical psych programs at very, very competitive universities (think Ivy League).

I was so disappointed in my scores that I considered not applying at all this cycle. I'm going to go for it anyway although I think my quant scores will definitely hold me back. I would really appreciate hearing any opinions on which scores you think I should report or any advice at all on any of this. Thanks! :)

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