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Advisor Sent Paper to Colleague and She SURPRISE! Published like the Exact Thing--What Should I DO?


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I'll skip the long backstory. Basically, I have reason to believe 500 plus references worth of work was scooped by my advisor's colleague because he emailed the document to her. And then he sent me an email from her where she says she read some of it and it has "merits" and the part she claims to have read up to conveniently came out in PNAS last year. She even wanted to get it into a journal. But I think my advisor has been sabotaging me all this time because he all but refused (essentially refused) the forwarding of a relationship between her and I. This was like years of work on my end so I'm speechless.


What should I do? Crazy? thoughts: Send that email thread (which has my manuscript) to PNAS? To her supervisor? (But she's a PI so...) Preprint it backdating the doc and adding the email thread to the preprint? These are all crazy, right? Or no?

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