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Profile Evaluation: Guidance Appreciated


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Hey all! I'm currently getting my ducks in a row to apply for PhD Political Science programs next fall (to enroll for the Fall of 2021) and am a bit lost in determining what programs I have a shot at and which ones I'd be a good fit for. Any guidance based on the info below would be GREATLY appreciated! 

- Currently a junior in International Relations and Public & Urban Affairs (concentration in Global Development) (two separate B.A. degrees) with minors in Spanish and Music at a large R1 institution. However, my school is much more respected for STEM fields than Liberal Arts or Social Sciences. 3.85 GPA

- Was a research assistant for two semesters/two projects in a special program for the State department and briefed their experts on policy suggestions alongside my team

- Doing my own research project next semester on international development in Africa (hoping to get it published and also use it as my writing sample) and hopefully another project on food security in the fall 

- While it's not in a related topic, I've worked as an orchestra teacher for four years and have used music as a "case study" of sorts for learning how to teach (my school doesn't have any opportunities for it in polisci) and definitely have a lot of teaching/pedagogical experience compared to most undergrads)

- I know this isn't the most pertinent, but I have a LOT of meaningful extracurriculars in leadership, social change, advocacy, and other thing surrounding global issues and have presented in conferences and gotten awards through that. Also, two summers in a highly selective government intelligence internship doing substantive research work 

- Haven't taken the GRE yet but if SAT is a good indicator like i've heard, I was in the 96th percentile for that. I also haven't taken math in three years and am worried about how that will go. Further on the quantitative issue, I got a C- in microecon which I know is a red flag but I've gotten As in two econ courses since then (one at a community college). 

So building off of all of that, I'm not sure specifically which subfield I plan to go to, but my research interest include international development, food security, social policy, and international relations. Do any of you have any feedback on schools that may be a good fit, where I may stack up in terms of applicant pools, and ways I can strengthen my application in the next year? Also, internships for next summer that may advance my qualifications? Thanks so much in advance. 

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