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Profile Evaluation:2020 Fall Stat & IEOR PhD


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Hello. I'm currently applying for PhD programs for Statistics/Industrial Engineering for Fall 2020. My main goal is to work as a faculty member, my main interests would be in stochastic process, econometrics, nonparametric method.

undergraduate: Top15 or 20 in my country, International

Major: Applied Mathematics 

GPA: 84.8/100 (Major: 86/100, top10%)

Coursework: Mathematics Analysis, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Variables Functions, Abstract Algebra, Probability Theory, Topology, Mathematic Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Number Theory, ODE, Mathematic modeling, Time Series, Linear Models, etc.

Awards/Honors:  University Excellent Graduate, University Merit Student for each year, University Scholarship. Some mathematic modeling competitions and mathematic contest (I think not very important, just can embellish my CV).


graduate: Top60 in usnews rank, International

Major: Quantitative Fin 

GPA: 3.6/4.0

Coursework: Stochastic Finance, Applied Stochastic Process, Derivative Pricing, Machine Learning, Advanced Econometrics, Real Analysis, Investment, etc.

Awards/Honors: A scholarship(4%), Academic Excellent Award.

Exchange: In Switzerland, a university with very good reputation in Management and Finance.


Demographic: Asian Female

Research Experience: Master's thesis(in progress) about parameter estimation. Research assistant working on deep learning approximation for stochastic control problems. A project related to option pricing that implemented SABR model and Heston model respectively. A project about stochastic dynamic programming tutorial and a replication of a paper on EER(but results not very ideal, so I didn't mention this on my resume). TA experience for about two years, includes one PhD level course "Statistics".

Letters of Recommendation: President of my undergraduate university(professor, talk about my academic performance), my current thesis advisor (professor, expert in time series), a professor from Yale (I was his teaching assistant in a  program).

GRE scores: V - 158(80%), Q - 168(93), AWA - 3.5(39%).  Sub-Math 860/87%.


Applying to(all PhD):




UCSB(Applied Stat)




Boston Uni(Stat)



Based on my profile, do I have a good chance at the programs listed above? I'm really nervous that I could get any offers. Since I know I've got very obvious shortcomings. A lot of Applicants have very high undergraduate GPA but I don't, and I don't have any published papers.

 Any advice and suggestions would be highly appreciated

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