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HELP! Bad Quant Score = Not Worth Applying?

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Hello all - I have been planning to submit applications to the following criminal justice/criminology phd programs in the next few weeks: John Jay, UC Irvine, Michigan State, and Northeastern. 

Stats: Honors BA in Polisci, Honors BA in Women’s studies, 3.79 GPA, defended undergraduate thesis on crime justice topic, did research with a prof but nothing quantitative and based on secondary sources. Solid SOP. 1.5 years of law experience since graduating in 2018.

Issue: GRE score was 147Q/158V (don’t have AW back yet). No time to retake it before deadlines.

So given that - what should I do? 

Postpone applications: I have the option to postpone this process for a year, work to retake the GRE and improve my scores (I’m not even close to 50% benchmark on quant) and I could also try to get some more relevant experience in that time. I would save $ and morale if I am going to be rejected from all these schools.

Apply anyway: Downsides of postponing are that I am ready to roll now with applications and everything, and I worry deciding to delay for a year will frustrate my references who have worked to get the letters ready for January deadlines. If I have good shot I’d rather apply but I’m concerned applying and being rejected might disadvantage next year’s applications. 


I’d REALLY appreciate any thoughts. Thanks! 



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