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Looking for some advice on Cornell, CMU, WUSTL, UIUC, USC


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Hi everybody!

I'm recently admitted in those 5 schools, coming from an architectural design background, I can either go on with the professional degree or research orientation, although career development is one of my biggest concern if I go with the research one. Right now, I have a really hard time choosing schools. Please give me some advice, any voice will shed some light upon my questions definitely. Many thanks in advance!

Cornell, DEA, MS applied research in human and environment relations. I'm really interested in this field during my undergraduate studies in architectural design. So It will be great to explore it in my master degree, however, it is a pure research program with little funding, I'm afraid I cannot get any financial aid and my family will have heavy burden afford me. Also I'm not sure about the career development, is here anyone coming from Cornell DEA? I can hardly find enough information about it. Please help me have a better understanding of it.

CMU, Master of sustainable design, I'm really interested in sustainable design, but this is only a one-year program. I do not know if it is enough.

WUSTL, March, it's ideal for me, but too too too expensive!

UIUC, MLA, it's also very good program, but no financial aid and scholarship...

USC, MLA, they offer me $30,000 and I really love the weather in southern california, however, this program is not accredited, also USC seems to be not that selective. If there is someone from USC MLA program, would you please provide me more info? Will the accreditation be a problem when come to find a job? Is USC really selective?

I really have a hard time choosing the schools, personally, I want to be an architectural consultant or researcher in the filed of sustainable design, or a architectural facility programer in the future, so even though I pick the professional degree now, I still will go on research program after that.

Any opinions will be appreciated! Many thanks in advance!

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