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Notre Dame vs. Clemson


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Hi everyone,

I have been looking to earn a PhD degree in Computer Science, and my search has narrowed to two schools -- both of which I have visited. I would like to know if anyone here has a perspective on the computer science departments of either the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN) or Clemson University (Clemson, SC) or may be able to comment on aspects that I may have missed.

Specific details:

Notre Dame

The department has offered me a teaching assistantship for up to $25,000 per year (which would come to $18,750 for nine months) and a full tuition waiver; also, the department guarantees funding so long as adequate progress is made towards a degree. I live about four hours from South Bend, making travel between school and home relatively feasible. Also, though I am not Catholic, I believe I would fit in well with the general student population. I am interested in several of the computer science research projects, and the research seems more rigorous than at Clemson. As I am looking to get the absolute most out of my respective program, I view this as a positive, though I may feel differently if I am thrown to the wall by non-stop work without much time to relax.


The department has offered me a teaching assistantship of $15,000 for nine months (though it seems I am also expected to take three credit hours over the summer) and a near-full tuition waiver; there is no guarantee on subsequent funding, though it seems likely with adequate progress. Despite its distance from my home, I visited and was charmed by the easy-going and hospitable atmosphere of the people I met. The weather is also a plus over Notre Dame. However, I feel that the computer science graduate program here is less rigorous -- and significantly more relaxed -- than at Notre Dame. While I can appreciate an easy-going atmosphere, I am worried that I may find my time less productive than if it were spent at Notre Dame. Finally, my fraternal twin brother is looking to attend the electrical engineering program here, and after separate undergraduate programs it would be something else to be able to spend graduate school at the same university!

I appreciate any thoughts you may have!

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u must b knowin more abt notre dame since u live very near to it...what I have heard is that..UND has got very strict atmosphere.

when it come to CS ranking....both the universities are at par.

I guess if u want freedom at easy-goin atmosphere...Clemson will be better for u!!

If you dont wanna leave ur home...UND is better!!

the choice is urs....all d best

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