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i've been accepted to UMass Dartmouth for their MFA Artisanry program with a concentration in fibers. Does anyone know anything about this program from a student's perspective or know anyone who has attended? The CVPA campus is in New Bedford, MA a little bit away from the UMass Dartmouth main campus, it isn't the greatest town in america but the facilities were very nice in the fibers department and i saw their MFA show which was also pretty good. I'm just wondering if anyone has any first had experience with the program?

also i'm thinking about commuting from about an hour away is this is a horrible idea? i really dont want to move to new bedford, providence is about 30 minutes i'd be much more willing to move there. anyone have any experience with anything like this? commuting to an MFA program? i'm currently an UG at massart and i know there are some MFA candidates who have families, i'm assuming they come into the city from elsewhere, i feel it could work, just looking to see if anyone has any experience with something like that.

thanks in advance

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