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I need to make a choice from NYU, GMU and Claremont Graduate University. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

NYU has the best brand name, but most expensive, classes at night

GMU has the best program, good chance of financial aid, intern positions (many require citizenship)

CGU is really close to my home and my husband. Maybe have some reputation in local SoCal, but the program seems not as good as GMU.

My future goal is to go to some consulting firm. P.S. I am international so some of GMU's opportunity is not open to me.

Please, Please, give me some advice, thanks!!

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While I cannot argue which program has the best academics, NYU will put you in a prime position to seek summer internships with consulting firms, or even part-time year round internships. I'm in the Columbia master's program now, and many of my classmates are able to do this especially because of the night classes.

Personally, if I wanted a PhD eventually, I'd probably go with GMU, especially if it's a bit smaller and gives better access to working on faculty projects. If your heart is set on consulting, though, I would choose NYU. Good luck!

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