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Johns Hopkins Cellular/Molecular Medicine umbrella PhD Vs. WashU Neuroscience PhD in the US


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I am studying biomedical sciences (neurodegenerative diseases), and cannot choose between WashU's Neuroscience program vs Johns Hopkins Cellular and Molecular Medicine umbrella program (I would work in the neuro department). Both of these are Ph.D. programs. WashU is only neuro, whereas the Hopkins program is an umbrella, with neurobiology as one of the sub-category specializations.

I have a long pros/cons sheet for both of these programs/schools, but I would love to add some more to the list (possibly from outer sources). If you have any anecdotes, impressions, opinions, or facts about either school/grad program - I would love to hear them. This would allow me to further my pros/cons lists of the programs while stepping outside my own mind for a minute to see what others think.

I am not easily swayed, so please do not worry about presenting a bias that may "deter me from what I want." I have been going back between the programs for 2 months now, so I am now interested in what others have to say about the graduate programs/schools. To me, there is a strong balance between both programs (one has a lab I like more while the other has an overall program structure I like more). Thus, hearing outside opinions may allow me to think 'outside the box' more.

Thank you!

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