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Now that April 15 has come, I guess tomorrow kicks off the 2011 application season. Without further ado:

I've done considerable research on schools to apply to, and it looks like Maryland is a strong fit for me. I'm interested in American Politics (voting behavior and racial/ethnic/identity politics) with an inclination toward quantitative methods, and I can name three professors who would be well-suited for my research areas of interest.

Anyway, it looks like there are several Maryland admits on this board. Would you folks mind sharing your application profiles (GPA, GRE, etc.)? I'd like to get an idea on whether or not my stats are competitive. Thanks!

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I am one of the UMD admits.

I am interested in CP but political party/ethnicity

My GRE was 770 (previous 2 were 790) and my Verbal is 420 (previous 2 were 360-370) :( As you could guess by know, I am an international :)


BS - 4.2/5.0 (social geography)

MS- 4.9/5.0 (math for social science) - graduated best student in my year

Both from top university in my country ( it is a well known university even in US)

No publications but a loooot of field work in my region of specialization.

Great, but unknown recom. (2 from my country 1 from US)

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Another Maryland admit here. I'm doing IR, with comparative as the most likely second field. Maryland's professors drew me in too, though more from the IR/theory side. I'm not particularly inclined toward quantitative, but after visiting Maryland a couple weeks ago, I would say that their quantitative approach is a strong shaping force for the department. Also noticed while I was there that a lot of the faculty address political conflict from various angles, and some of their strongest quantitative research seems to center around it--in case that fits in with your interest in racial/ID/ethnic politics. You've probably researched this already, though.

My stats aren't too competitive, actually.

UG GPA: 3.3

Major GPA (IR): 3.5

GRE Verbal: 680

Gre Quant: 660

GRE Writing: 5.5

I went to a reasonable but not elite research university, and worked as an RA in the political science department there for two years; so that may have helped my numbers. Got a few articles/papers in undergrad journals, but nothing notable. Some foreign language skills, some international experience (though that probably only helps for IR if at all).

Best of luck!

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