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Should I still apply?


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I'm hoping to get into a Forensic Science masters program that requires a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA and a GRE score with a prefered minimum 50th percentile ranking (Quant & Verbal). 

I took the GRE last March after a few weeks of studying and got a 143Q,149V. Yes, horrendous, I know. 
So this year, I spent 3 months studying, even took three powerprep exams to see how I was doing. 
PP1: 153Q, 149V; PP2: 163Q, 151V; PPP1: 157Q, 150V. 
Figured I would be able reach my goal, maybe even do better, because honestly I just wanted an average score on each section. 
Well, I took my test yesterday and what did I get? 
147Q, 151V (wtf because I literally ONLY studied for Quant).
At this point I can't retake it because the application deadline is in a few weeks, and I honestly don't want to fork over an additional 200 dollars only to get another subpar score. 
As for the other requirements....
-My mediocre undergrad GPA is another factor--3.35 (and unlike most, my "bad" grades occurred during the last two years due to family illness/death, and I know that won't look good for me.)
I did recently take the few prerequisite classes that are required and received all A's but that won't do much to augment my gpa.
-The only other requirement is a Statement of Intent describing an area of interest in FS research. 
I know the majority of people apply to more than one institution, but I'm unable to move out of state right now and it's the only accredited MS FS program in my state... and only 10 minutes away from me. 
All things considered, I don't know if I should go ahead and apply or not. Thoughts?
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If you have the money to apply, it doesn't hurt to. So why not? I don't think 3.35 is a bad GPA for a Master's program (though that can depend on the school), and you can always explain the family illness situation in your personal statement. I say go for it! Better to get a definitive answer than to look back and wonder "what if". 

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