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CS with or without specialization at USC?


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I'm working on my app for USC (I know it's a bit late, but the deadline hasn't passed yet!) and I'm wondering whether I should apply to the vanilla CS masters program, or the masters with specialization in Intelligent Robotics. I've already gotten into Washington University in St. Louis MS CS program by writing that I'd like to focus on robotics in my personal statement. I also got into University of San Francisco, but I did not say that I wanted to focus on robotics there. I have been rejected from UC San Diego, where I applied for the Masters in Intelligent Robotics (part of the EE dept, not CS). I'm wondering if applying to Intelligent Robotics at UCSD was a mistake, and I should have applied for a CS degree instead.

I am interested in pursuing robotics research, but I don't have much experience with it already. I think my personal statement is pretty good at getting the point across that I am definitely interested in researching robotics, but it doesn't cover prior experience in the same field (because I have none). So what do you think? Should I apply to the Intelligent Robotics specialization, or the plain CS program, and pursue about robotics when/if I get there? Has anyone applied to two programs simultaneously at USC?

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