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Profile Evaluation: Fall 2021 Statistics MS/PhD

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Hi, I'm applying to Statistics masters and PhDs in this fall and I'm wondering how are my chances and how can I improve myself and school selections?

Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara

Major: Double major in Mathematics and Statistics 

GPA: 3.95

Student Type: International, South East Asian 

Math Courses:  Calc I II III(A,B,A),  Linear Algebra and Differential equations Honors(A), Probability and Statistics I,II,III(B+,A,A), Stochastic Processes I,II(A,A), Regression Analysis(A),

 Bayesian Statistics (A) , Statistical Data Science(A),   Transition to Higher Math(AKA first Mathematical  proof based class) (A), Real Analysis I,II (A), Abstract Algebra I(A), graduate level PDE(A),

Intro to C++ (A)

Will be taking graduate level(Statistical Machine Learning, Time series, Measure theory,) dvanced Linear Algebra in fall. 

Misc: Classical Mechanics (A), Electromagnetism (A) , Modern Physics (A), Thermal and Statistical Physics (A)


GRE General: Q: 168  V: 158 W: 3.5 

Math GRE: Not taking

Research: - Independent Reading in Graduate level Geometric Group theory under the guidance of a PhD student from Math DRP program, will present a poster at my school by this spring

                    - Ongoing Multivariate regression analysis project under the guidance of my current mentor

                    - Ongoing Statistical Machine Learning project 

Letters of Recommendation: One from my Real Analysis Instructor, One excellent LOR from my mentor for Multivariate Regression project ,One from my Stochastic Processes Instructor

Programs Applying to: Statistics PhD, Masters, Data Science masters

Interests: Bayesian Statistics, Stochastic Analysis, Statistical Learning

Considering to Apply to:  PhD Statistics UCDavis , UCSB, USC(Operations research), Boston University, UCSD, NYU

                                              MS Statistics : UCLA, Stanford, SDSU

                                              MS Data Science : USC , HARVARD


Are the programs I mentioned above reasonable for an applicant like me? My target schools are all in California as my current girlfriend is in California and I don't want to move to another state unless I have to. I'm worried that being an international student will limit my chances at any of these schools. Any suggestion or criticism is welcomed!



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