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Masters in Applied Mathematics vs Mathematical Finance? Best universities in Canada that offer this?

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So, I'm a CS Major that wants to learn more about math. However, I'm interested in using my math skills and CS knowledge to apply it somewhere. In my case, I like Finance a lot and I would like it if that was the field in which I could apply what I know. 

Anyway, I've found many programs out there in mathematical finance and applied math. I'm not sure if it is better to go into Applied Math and focus on finance or just go straight into Mathematical Finance. I feel that the math part is what is difficult about Mathematical Finance, I've started learning about the Finance part, and I don't feel that it is as hard to learn. I know very little about Differential Equations, my degree in CS had Discrete Math,  Calculus(1 and 2), Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, but no differentials or multivariable calculus. 

I know you need to learn a lot of calculus to get into stochastics, which is important for finance. 

I'm also unsure of who has the best programs in Canada for math. I know U of T is good, but I'm not sure I want to apply there. I also know about Waterloo, and it's my first option, but not much about the others and whether they've got strong faculty in finance. 

I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with these two things. 


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