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GPA for Counseling Masters - Canada


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Hello everyone!

I am looking to apply for a masters in counselling psychology in Canada. I'm not sure if my grades are good enough, since I did have a few low grades in my last 60 credits. Can I get someone's advice? Here are the courses I took and the grades...

Overall stats: CGPA = 3.6/4.0, Last 2 years = 3.52/4.0 
Experience: 2 years as a crisis line volunteer, 3 months working with First Nations kids in a community centre, 1 year working at JF Norwood House with women in conflict with the law, 1 year as a RA in a child psychology lab and completed a 4th year honours thesis. 

Graduated Magna Cum Laude since my school only requires 8.0/10.0 (A-) or 3.6 minimum. 
I'm a bit worried since my last two years is a bit lower than my cGPA. I'm planning on applying to uOttawa, UBC and maybe the theology program at Wilfrid Laurier. 


Interpersonal Relationships A-  
Human Sexual Behaviour  B+    
Psychopathology A-    

 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction A   
 Anti-Colonial and Anti-Racism Feminism: A-   
 Research Methods and Ethics: A   
 Cross Cultural Psychology: A   

History of Africa, South of the Sahara: B+  
Quantitative Methods in Psychology I: C+ 
Psychology of Death and Dying: C+
History and Systems of Psychology: A-  

 Women, Gender and Feminism: A-  
 Reasoning and Critical Thinking: A   
 Quantitative Methods in Psychology II:  E    
 Directed Readings in Psychology       A  

 Women, Justice and Criminalization: B+   
 Sexuality, Gender and Feminism: A+    
 Psychometric Methods: B+    

Great Philosophers: A   
Quantitative Methods in Psychology II:  A-  
Cognitive Processes: Principles & Laboratory  C+
Honours Thesis: A-  

Thanks for the feedback! 

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