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GWU Strategic Communications vs BU Public Relations

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April 15 is right around the corner and I’m freaking out. I cut down my choices to two schools, but I’m having a tough decision between the two. I was admitted to George Washington University for their Media & Strategic Communications program and Boston University for their Public Relations program.

For GWU they offered to cover up to 7.25 credits for the academic year. When I emailed for more information, they gave me this explanation:

“Award will be for 7.25 credits for the academic year. Tuition at GW is charged per credit hour and the cost per credit varies by program. Your award has a dollar amount value of 7.25 credits of tuition. As noted in your award letter below the amount of your award will be split evenly between the fall and spring semester tuition.”

Boston University is offering me a $16,000 scholarship with a $3000 TA position only guaranteed for Fall (I’m assuming it’s because the professor may not like me or there’s a chance I may not do well in the position.)

When I calculate both (on the assumption that GWU’s offer of 7.25 credit is calculated for a semester) both schools seem to cover my tuition but not housing so I would have to pay out of pocket to live there. GWU does not have on-campus housing options while Boston does.

Another issue that I’m having is the confusion with GWU’S award. I emailed the department about it but they seemed a bit ticked off that I even asked about it so I dropped it. Should I just go for BU since their award is more clear? Or am I over complicating GWU’s offer and I should accept theirs? 

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