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I'm lost. Wku for folklore masters vs archaeology vs religious studies


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I'm a bad Jungian. I have a degree in anthropology. I fell into it. I first picked studio art.  Mental illness happened.  Then at about the age of 25 I went to school for anthropology after accumulating tons of failing grades in art school.


I'm 36 now.  It took me this long to finish.  I was depressed and psychotic.  I kept failing.


But here I am.

My psychologist wants me to focus on anthropology books for now. I always have mock eureka moments where I am convinced my life will turn out ok.
If I just commit to anthro or cooking.  
I tell everyone how satisfied I am. Then get confused and sad later.

I have a degree in what I like to call a symbolism mythopoetic ecopolitical survey of the fields of black Atlantic and west and central African and Caribbean studies and a wide focus on cultural and archaeological anthropology in general

With that said I've been unemployed for a few years. Don't have a car.  I have not had any romance in 12 years.


My GPA is now 2.81.  This is after getting my psychiatrist to convince admins to remove semester after semester of failed scores.


Still not above 3.0.  And I'm still 36.  Living off disability with help from my parents.

I'm clueless.  I'm so worried about not being homeless.


When I read.  Things make sense when I read.


I Read Jung and Jungian or Marxist stuff. African Caribbean lit. Or the canon of empire or anthropology etc. German thought or Greek stuff. Gnostic stuff. Tarot kaballah Sufism african and Caribbean religion. Ethnography. Pagan. Lacan.. Marie Louise von Franz. Edward edinger. Karl kerenyi. Ananda coomaraswamy. Rene guenon. Eric wolf. Naomi Klein. Stuart Hall. David graeber. Marshall sahlins. Theophile obenga. Molefi asante. Maulana karenga. Victor and Edith Turner. Sylvia wynter. Amos tutuola. Wole soyinka. Yvonne Vera. Erna brodber. Dionne brand. Kamau Braithwaite. Clifford geertz. Paul stoller. Sam selvon. Vs naipaul. George lamming. Michel rolph trouillot. Sidney hook. Hannah arrendt. Hans Jonas. Marcuse. Konrad Lorenz. Vy mudimbe. Pauline hountondji. Toyin falola. Henri Corbin. David bidney. Wilson Harris. Syl Cheney Coker. Ben okri. Kojo laing. Patrick chaimoseau. Marie vieaux chavet. Danticat. Jacques stephan Alexis. Mario Vargas llosa. Jorge Amado. Ivan van sertima. Walter rodney. Abiola irele. Edgar mittleholzer. Naqib mahfouz. Naruddin Farrah. Noam Chomsky. Eqbal Ahmed. Joseph Campbell. Erich Neumann. Wendy James. Lara Ann stoler. Inga clendinnen. Kent flannery. Ian tattersall. Ian hodder. Bruce trigger. Gordon childe. Julian steward. Maurice godelier. Gichin funakoshi. David Harvey. Istvan meszaros. Bertell oleman. David Scott. Claude Levi Strauss. Malinowsky. Kroeber. Andrew apter.  Jacob olupona.  Toby green.  John k Thornton. Richard price.  Franz boas. Sidney mintz. Archaeology. I have lots of african and Caribbean lit too. Many books on Nietzsche Plato presocratics. Books on magic. Indigenous scholars. African. First Nations. Australia. Oceania.  I have a good collection.

I'm interested in the western esoteric tradition so tarot and kaballah and hermeticism. Alchemy.  Pythagoras. 


I've been collecting books on religious studies.  Africana etc.  On ifa vodun obeah and Palo.


I need to sit back and just read for a bit right?  So I can appear intelligent.


My professors like me.  They push me towards research and a master's in folklore from wku especially or here for archaeology.


I just need to figure out how to earn enough so I can initiate into a Palo or vodou or gorovudu lineage.


I know people into that.  I read academics that research that kind of stuff.


If I felt it was possible I would get training in some way to work somewhere in the field of folklore or archaeology.


Apart from this I do not know what to say.


Thanks for reading


I can post writing samples

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