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MS Statistics Chances

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I am an Economics and Computer Science major looking to enter a MS in Statistics program post graduation. I have a 3.5 GPA with the following grades

Calc 1, failed first time, re-sat and got a "B"

Calc 2, got a C+ first time, re-sat, got an "A"

Calc 3, got a C, first time, re-sat, got and A

Elemen Diff Eqs A

Linear Alg A

Econometrics B

Advanced Econometrics B

Numerical Analysis B

Discrete Structures C+

Probability and Statistics B

Stats and Machine Learning B

I am currently prepping to take the GRE's

I was looking into the following schools: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers New Brunswick, U Mich, Boston University, Rice, UVA, Georgetown , UChicago, GWU, Columbia


Please advise.

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Not sure exactly what kind of response you're looking for, but your profile is weirdly similar to what mine was this application cycle so I'll comment.

Far as I can tell for Masters programs, solid grades and a good GRE quant score will get you admission to many very good departments. I'd tentatively bet that your academic record and a score of, say, 165 would get you into at least some of the schools you listed, but a place like Chicago is obviously going to be difficult even with a perfect score. It then becomes a question of how important securing funding is for you. Masters students rarely get funding and those that do have much stronger profiles.


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You should be able to get into a lot of your listed schools assuming that you get a quantitative GRE score ~163 or above. UChicago and Stanford are traditionally the tough eggs to crack in terms of masters programs and will be out of reach given your profile, but the rest of the programs have fairly high acceptance rates. Remember you are paying to do your masters and universities make money off their masters students.

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