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Columbia CS@CU MS Bridge Program in Computer Science


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Regarding CS@CU MS (not the bridge program i think), a friend shared his email from CU (dated 12 May):


Thank you for your application to the CS@CU MS program! This email is to let you know that the faculty on the MS Admissions Committee are still reviewing applications. At this time your application remains at the review stage however we hope to have more information in the coming week. We understand that this is a very important time in your life and we greatly appreciate your continued patience as the committee works to give each application careful consideration and attention. If the committee has any questions or concerns we will reach out to you directly and/or to your reference providers which we have been doing these past few months as necessary. We do not need to personally speak to every applicant we offer admission to but sometimes the admissions committee will determine that it is extremely helpful. 

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