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Identifying programs basd on methodological interests


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Hi all, 

I am seriously considering applying to a PHD in the fall, in either Sociology or Anthropology or Geography or Latin American studies - (the methods I am interested in using and learning are used by a few different disciplines and I would be flexible, with the priority of finding faculty support for the kinds of research I am interested in)  

I have fairly specific research interests, including the types of methods I want to use (participatory action research, community based participatory research, and social cartography), the region/area of focus (Latin America, particularly Colombia and Honduras), and I have specific topical issues/questions I want to propose. 

However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to efficiently find professors who are a good fit for these research areas. So far I have been just looking at the faculty pages of universities, but I'm wondering if there is a more efficient ways to approach the search. I've thought about tracing back through articles that use the methods I am interested in, or possibly conference programs or associations (like the Latin American Studies Association). Does anyone have recommendations or ideas for what has worked best for them? 

Thank you!! 

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