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Late additions to application and no offer yet


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I already have an offer from my current supervisor which I can postpone until I get my answer from the one program which I am waiting on, it is in Asia so I assume they work differently from their US counterparts. I would really like to get into this program and results should have been out yet so I assume I am on some sort of waiting list.

However since the time of application I have gotten an internship (now 4 months of experience) in a mildly related field and submitted a conference paper that got past the abstract check and is awaiting final review. At the time of application I had no relevant work experience and one journal paper under review (now undergoing corrections).

It seems like these new points could help tip the scale had they been in the application from the start, but being pushy trying to add them in this late in the application process might not be feasible or even viewed positively by the admission comitee.

I am not sure what I should do in this position?

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You can write to the POI to express your continued interest and say that since your application you have accomplished XYZ. Whether that will count this late in the game, who knows..but at least the info is out there.

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