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Issue Task Essay Review


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Hi I would really appreciate if someone could give me feedback on this essay :)

Prompt: Science and technology will one day be able to solve all of society’s problems.

We live in a world where science and technology are growing and improving at a rapid rate, however these two will not be enough to solve all of society's problems one day.  

Although science and technology can be developed into solving current problems such as global warming or pollution, humans are fundamentally flawed and no matter how much science and technology a society has, problems will still persist. Even with science and technology there will still be ideas that plague a society, such as racism, greed, vanity, etc. These rotten traits are rampant in today's society and can not be solved through science and technology. These ideologies will continue to cause animosity towards those people view as the different from them, whether it be due to race, ethnicity, or financial differences. These beliefs and prejudices against others will not go away just through the development of science and technology, it is far too deep rooted in our nature.  
It is true that science and technology can make our lives easier and benefit it in many ways, however to say that they will be able to solve all of society's problems one day is only wistful thinking.     

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