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What is the level I should aim for (MA)


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I'll be graduating in April 2021 ans Im trying to understand how competitive (or not) my profile is, and for what type of schools do I have a genuine chance. Here is my background

  • Joint Honours in Economics and Finance at McGill University (Canada)
  • GPA of 3.3, but something like 3.7 for the last two years of my degree
  • Good grades in my econometrics courses
  • Havent taken any standardized test yet
  • No research experience yet but Im tryjng to get approval for an undergrad research course

I'm trying to understand what are my chances for canadian MA programs (University of Toronto, UBC, etc) and for schools in the UK. (LSE, Kings college, etc) I believe I'll be able to get good results for standardkzed tests, but feel free to include what percentiles I should get if I want to be considered by these schools.


I dont have any friends or family who has experience going to grad school, so Im really confused about how competitive my profile is or isnt, so thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.


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