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CS grad, unsure about how to structure my applications.


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Ok, so I'll start first by saying that I am a Computer Science graduate and I'm looking to get an M.Sc. in CS. What do I want to do?

Well, I've got three goals, they go in this order: 

  1. I want to learn more about math, I want to coalesce whatever I learn into my actual CS experience. Areas like Stochastic Processes and Numerical Analysis are the things I care about the most.
  2. I want to get into finance, in particular the math part about finance. I want to do this through CS, not an MBA, Economics or any of that stuff. I still want to use my skills just that I want to apply them to finance. 
  3. I want to learn more about concurrency and parallel programming. 

Here is my issue, however:

Most of the programs I like, they don't really have a huge focus on finance, but they do have a strong focus on math, HPC. At this moment, I'm making it very clear that I want to learn all of these things because I want to apply my knowledge into finance. However, I am wondering if it is a mistake to do this and if it wouldn't just be better to talk more about mathematics and HPC, instead, given that they are far more significant within the programs I care about. There are many other research topics that intersect with the stuff that you do in finance, and they interest me but I wonder if focusing too much on finance could hamper my application. 

I wanted to know what people thought, hopefully someone can help me out. Also, I'm applying to universities in Canada. I don't know if that matters. 

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