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Retaking grad classes for stat masters admissions

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If it matters: I’m a phd student in biostatistics, and my grades are awful enough that I might fail out before I can get a masters degree. The school recommended I retake some classes to prove I can actually do math before takings exams/starting research, and I want to make sure the classes I retake are actually going to help for masters admissions in case my non-retake classes go bad.


Actual question: I hope to retake maybe 1-2  course sequences. Which should I retake, if it matters for any of them? Options are

  1. Regression, more or less  (B-, B-, B- in sequence)

  2. Inference (C+, C+, C+)

  3. Analysis and Probability (B-, B-, C+)


Inference is most important, but not sure how important theoretical probbility is for master programs compared to regression. My math theory background was weak coming to grad school, but I worry low regression grades will hurt more in masters admissions. Hope this kind of post is allowed, stay safe everyone.


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