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BASc. Psych switching fields to MSc. Biomedical Sciences?


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I'm new to this forum but looking for some advice. For context, I am a Canadian graduate of a 4 year combined dual degree-diploma program which left me with an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology and a Diploma in General Arts and Science (graduated with distinction). I specialized my studies by almost exclusively doing life sciences electives, like biochemistry and cell biology, neuroscience, human anatomy and physiology, etc. This gave me a few hundred hours of laboratory experience. I did a few Research Assistantships in my undergrad, one of which lead me to a publication. My original intent was to apply to medical school right after undergrad, but I have realized that becoming a Research Coordinator/Research Scientist or Principal Investigator is really what I would rather do as a career.

With this in mind, I am hoping to apply to MSc. Medical Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, as well as the MSc. Neuroscience program and the MSc. Biomedical and Molecular Science at Queen's University in Kingston, ON.

With a degree in Psychology, do I have a chance of even getting my foot in the door with these more traditionally "hard science" Master's degrees? I would be grateful for any advice you may have on Statements of Interest, reaching out to potential supervisors, etc. If you've made the jump from a different field to life sciences, what do you feel was helpful to your application?





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