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Penn (MCIT) then UC Berkeley iSchool (scholarship) or Cornell Tech?


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I got into Penn's MCIT (graduate "bridge" program for those w/o a CS background) for this fall but just found out that UC Berkeley partnered with my undergraduate scholarship program for (a minimum 50%, possible 100%) scholarship. I'm also interested in Cornell Tech's dual Master of InfoSys (Connective Media) program w/Technion in Israel.

Problem: Would it be weird to get a master's at Penn (just to get the programming skills) and then a second at UCB or Cornell Tech for a master's in info sci?

  • My background isn't CS so that's why MCIT is a fit. It's also cheap as hell, online, and I can study part-time to continue working.
  • On the other hand, I'm not in a rush so I feel like I can just skip Penn altogether and wait a few more years to apply to UCB + Cornell—two schools I'm actually interested in. I don't care much for Penn tbh; I just need the programming chops to succeed at UCB or Cornell. I also don't care for Technion.
  • I feel like I'd prefer UCB over Cornell Tech bc of the social culture and career placement, but the program focus at Cornell Tech seems more in line with what I want to do. 
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