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Mid/lower tier Biochem program suggestions


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Hi guys,

I'm planning on applying to PhD programs in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology this cycle and was looking for some input on some more mid/lower tier programs I should look into applying to. 



2.9 overall GPA :( , BS Biochemistry with minor in Molecular Biology from large US state school. My GPA shows an upward trend and is around 3.4 for my last two years. My major GPA is around 3.3 overall.

Research Experience:

3 years in undergraduate developmental biology/genetics lab (1 publication, one in progress, one poster that I won an award for at a conference)

2 years as a research assistant working in a structural biology lab (2 publications, 1 first authored review article, one publication in progress)

3 strong LORs from undergrad PI who I also had as a professor for multiple classes, current PI, and postdoc in current lab who can all attest to my research potential. 


I'm looking into applying to:



UW Madison 

UT Austin 

University of Utah 

University of Michigan 

University of Washington 

University of Chicago

Boston University 



I know most of these schools are probably a reach considering my low GPA, so I was looking for some input on good mid to lower tier programs I should look into. Any advice or opinions y'all can offer about my current list as well would be much appreciated. 



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