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Extremely bad semesters with good overall GPA and standing



So, i have been through massive emotional distress throughout my time in the first 4 years of my undergrad. My whole life was in shambles, and i had to go to a psychologist and start a Cognitive behavioral therapy  on myself, totally on my own, due to some personal issues. Needless to say i was in no shape to go to school at all. I needed time off from school and/or didn't care about it at the time since i was suicidal. However when i actually study and get over my problems i am top %5 in my engineering class.


I probably will graduate with 3.6 CGPA(probably ranked around 10th/250 people) at the very least but by extending the school 2 years. So my Transcript is ... atrocious to put it lightly, i have a lot of A+ and A's with full F semesters in between. For my last two years i will have no problem getting good grades and at the very least will have the gpa i have said before. However i don't know what to do to get accepted to international really good schools.


My ranking is good considering the university is the best in my country in terms of engineering. However i don't want to give the impression that i was a lazy student in Master's admission. I have a few excuses in mind but i don't think anyone cares about suicidal depression so i might have to find something else to say. My main question is would this affect how my future is going to pan out and what should i do? Also I will take Pass/Fail as the grade choice for all my classes this semester as well.


Thanks in advance

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