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About Maths in Bioengineering Master's Degree [aka 'what am i doing with life?']


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Hello everyone!

So, I am a 5th year medical school student in Brazil and I am willing to get into a Bioengineering Master's Degree in the USA before going back to residency in Brazil. I am mainly interested in Tissue Engineering focus area and in finding a way to tangle its knowledge to oncology (the specialty I wish to take in the future).

There is only one problem: maths. As a medical student, I wasn't introduced to Calculus II and beyond at all. In Brazil, as medicine is an undergraduate course, having a engineering/exact sciences background is unlikely.
My doubt and concerns are: is it possible to study the knowledge I am lacking (by auditing classes, maybe) during the master's course route? Am I nuts for going for a field in which I don't have one of the main weapons to deal with classes? I've done some calculation and my GPA is 3.35 (converting my 8.4/10 course grade), got a 107 TOEFL score and GRE is yet to come (the test structure seems pretty common. I hope to nail it). Am I in a good path?

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