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GPPI vs Cornell CIPA


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Hi. Last week I asked for extensions from both these schools, but I absolutely have to make a decision by tomorrow and I'm freaking out. I'm debating between Georgetown GPPI with a 10K/year scholarship and Cornell CIPA with a 28K/year scholarship. My total debt coming out of these programs would probably be around 65K (loan repayments of ~$760/month for 10 years) and 30K (loan repayments of ~$350/month for 10 years) respectively. So the question is, are the opportunities Georgetown can offer, i.e. higher ranking, ability to intern throughout the year, better network, and much better location, worth an extra 36K in debt? I like a lot of things about Cornell, but I have serious reservations about the location and its lack of access to internships, plus its relative obscurity in the field.

What would you do in my shoes? Any advice or words or wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Please help put me out of my misery.

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For a 35k differential I might choose the better known program, Georgetown. So I wouldn't let the extra money cushion at Cornell get in the way. Choose the school which you think has the better curriculum and would help you pursue your desired career path.

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I went and visited CIPA- they have internships almost anywhere you want to go. They are currently working on sending several students to a UN meeting to present a project they have finished in Bosnia. CIPA also has a DC program, so you can go spend time a semester in DC and work on connections there. You can go to Rome, Nepal, DC, NYC...

There are lots of options at that school and, with a 90% employment rate, is nothing to scoff at.

Just food for thought.

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