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Maximum numbers of school professor would send their letters to?

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Hello everyone.

Last year I have already found professors who I had good contact with would write me LORs for my MS program applications. There were like 10-15 universities on my list and so when professors later figured this out, they told me that they would only send letters to maximum of 4-5 schools. So, of all these schools I have applied to, only 5 schools have received LORs and the rest was left with nothing. Unfortunatedly, I didn't get admissions from these schools and so I decide to start over again.

This year I am aiming at UWaterloo and University of Southampton. I know there'd be a good chance for me to get in if I can safe LORs, but I have been sending emails about this to my professors and have no replies since then. Is there any chance that I can get letters from my previous recommenders? Is it still possible to convince them to give me a hand this time, or I have to look into other ways for letters? Any advice would be appreciated!

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