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SOP without research XP

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Hi all,

This forum has been quite helpful so far so I want to ask about your opinions. I am a machine learning engineer (Deep learning and data science) working at a bay area startup. I've been in the tech industry for 6 years after I graduated bachelors in Computer Science. I decided that this year, I want to apply to Computational Neuroscience Grad School programs in the US. The problem is that I don't have much research experience as I have not published any papers. Although, throughout my job I read a lot of articles and applied them for different applications, by running experiments and presenting results in the company. I am well versed in reading academia and would be comfortable to run experiments. During bachelors I did publish a final thesis but that didn't require much research. 

Do I have a chance to get accepted for grad school? And do you have any tips on how to breach the subject of no research experience. Do you think that my industry experience is relevant or is it just child-play? 

Thank you

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