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Please rate my GRE Issue practice essay


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Men and women, because of their inherent physical differences, are not equally suited for many tasks.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.
Modern times have called forth for modern solutions to the long discussed issue of gender-based task completion. The author brings in a reference to this controversial issue and holds on to the motion that tasks performed by men and women differ in quality as a result of innate physical differences, a concept which I support to some extent.
Due to the cultural and social development of the patriarchal society, the man has remained as the head of the family for ages. Although some may consider this to simply have social implications, as a result of their position, men have developed stronger appetites and related needs in the family, one which has developed their bodies more than females. Moreover, the basic male structure consisting of the skeletal and muscular systems have had superior qualities over the female counterpart. This can be used to argue that tasks that require muscle power are better performed by men than by women, which is provable on a statistical basis to a large extent as well. This is not to mention that there are exceptions such as female wrestlers or gymnasts, but it is well known that, even in fields such as athletics, overall records are usually secured by males.
While it seems unlikely to find a larger proportion of females on a construction site or a manufacturing unit, it is equally unlikely to find more male teachers over female teachers in a school. This can be considered as an implication of the higher levels of empathy that females tend to show towards other humans when compared to males. Such qualities, alongside higher levels of proficiency and clarity in conveying concepts, have promoted the rise of the female-to-male ratio in school teaching and management. This is also a reason why jobs that involve conversational guidance such as secretaries and psychiatrists tend to have a larger female-to-male ratio. In societies where education stands as the highest preference such as several communities in the Indian state of Kerala, a gradual shift to a matriarchal setting has also been observed.
Many individuals and organizations argue for equal employment for both genders in several sectors of the society. While this seems to provide some sort of equity for the society, it disturbs the natural balance that has been provided to sustain the development of these sectors. On a closer look, the inequality observed in task differentiation today seems more straightforward and predictable due to the thoroughgoing foundation of thousands of years. Although exploration of such policies seems interesting, exploitation of the best option will result in an optimal solution.

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