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Hello people, 

Every piece of writing I know about real world jobs says you shouldn't include things in your applications that identify you as a certain group. You don't know if your institution or hiring manager hates the concept of women with children having jobs, exaggerates how hard accommodations are, or is, say, Islamophobic.

I wonder though. I am an aspiring Disability Studies scholar and am on the spectrum. Should I include that in my essays to apply to program with a disability studies emphasis, what about a masters that could help me get a college administration job on the student services side, what about a job at a college in student services. 


You need to pick the best examples of you having something others don't, and my best of those involve being on the spectrum. I am also a woman on the spectrum and in the humanities, and that's supposed to make me rare or something.




Also, how do I spin being a bad teacher at a rhetorical class that made me want to tear my hair out? 

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