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Stats and Operational research phd fall 2021


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Student Type: International asian female

Undergrad: Top 5 U.K School

Major: Mathematics with Economics

GPA: 4.0/4.0

Math & stat modules: Analysis I (A/A*) Analysis II (A/A*) Complex Analysis (A/A*) Real Analysis (A/A*) Probability and Statistics(A/A*) Linear Algebra I (A/A*) Linear Algebra II (A/A*) Linear Algebra III(A/A*) Mathematical Methods I (=Calculus)(A/A*) Mathematical Methods II (=Calculus II)(A/A*) Mathematical Methods III (=Calculus III)(A/A*) Economics I(=Micro and Macro)(A/A*) Economics II(=micro and macro)(A/A*) 

Maths and Stat modules for next year: Measure Theory, Further Probability(deeper knowledge after measure theory), Stochastic Process, Linear PDE, Programming R, Decision and Risk, Econometrics and Quantitative finance

GRE: going to take in sep/early oct

Research: Did a research about operator recurrent neural network (RNN) approach to an inverse problem for the wave equation with my personal tutor at university for this summer(3 months)

Work Experience: Did spring internships at Goldman Sachs - Markets Division and Citadel Securities

Letters of Recommendation:  One from my personal tutor who supervised me for the research, one from my departmental tutor ( I got a undergraduate departmental prize in my first year for top 10 students so i think he will write a good letter for me) , and one from my lecturer who knows me quite well(I got 98.9% for this module)

Miscellaneous stuff : I got undergraduate departmental prize and work as a mentor at Economics and finance society for spring internship applications for the first year students.

Applications: MIT, Stanford, Princeton, UCB, UCLA, Caltech, Michigan, Yale, Georgia Tech and Columbia for mostly statistics/applied mathematics/Operational research

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