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French Ma/phd or comp. lit! Advise!!


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I am an undergrad, going on study abroad in the next year and then probably graduating in 2011. i would like to go to grad school after but have lately been exploring what in. I would love to do french but am not sure if i should do comp lit. Are there more employment opportunities in Comp. Lit? Since you can major/minor in 3 languages (I know 4 so that's not a problem!)the last thing I want to do is go through a Phd in French and then find that my competiton with native french speakers will be huge! please advise!

FYI: my french level is good, not native but I am in advanced lit. classes now and I am sure it will improve even more soon!

Why do people choose for. lang phd over comp.lit or the other way around?

There is the possibility of me doing MA/Phd in France too to increase my marketability in the french department even more, so if anybody has any advice how to get funded for graduate study in France I would appreciate that too!\

A bientot!

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