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can i get a critique on the essay written, i have mentioned the topic in bold


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Governments must ensure that their major cities receive the financial support they need in order to thrive.


Major cities have been a center of attraction for money from various sectors, making a choice to support them financially will bring a larger growth in not just the major cities as well the minors.

Major cities are constituted of important businesses having a collateral effect on other cities. They are comprised of major companies and a larger work force dedicated to its success. Such workforce when counted in millions, to do justice to their jobs need an equal amount of public welfare from the government. That includes but not limited to transportation, insurances and other government benefits. Tourism being one of the other factors for GDP growth are found in such cities. To enhance the tourism, government allowances play an important role towards their development.

Being in the minors, other cities do need the government financial support to bring a development at societal level for the benefit of all.

The return on investment in major cities is equal or higher to what they provided. In conclusion major cities should receive the financial support from the government.

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