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School Suggestions- MS in Data Science/ Data Analytics/Stats

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Hi, I am currently struggling with the schools I should be applying to with my scores and profile. I am also looking at scholarships/funding opportunities, both need and merit based:


Undergrad Major: BSc. Maths (Honours) with minor in Economics
GPA: 4.0  (9.0/10.0)
Type of Student: International female 

GRE General Test: 170Q, 158V, 5.0AWA
Programs Applying: MS in Data Science/ Stats
Professional Experience: Currently working as a Data Analyst for a media marketing global firm, this entails working with and for Google to design, implement and analyze measurement tests for all their marketing campaigns.
Also working as a marketing specialist for a startup, where I am setting up their marketing analytics wing from scratch.
Research Experience: 2 months internship in the government think tank of India under the Advisor, Industry. 2 months self research project with the Research cell of my undergrad school. No papers.
Letters of Recommendation: Two professors from my undergrad, which should be strong. Also, the director of Analytics in the current multinational company that I am working with.
Math Courses:  Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Applied Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Real Analysis II, Group Theory, Ring Theory, Statistics and Probability theory, Graph Theory, Financial Mathematics, Micro and Macro economics, Linear Modelling
Coding experience: Deep understanding of C++,R and SQL; intermediate understanding of Python
Besides this, I have a pretty strong extracurricular profile, I am a published poet and was the co-founder/president of the poetry society in my college. I also have been an active debater throughout school and college, and have won/organised several national debating tournaments.
I am interested to get into the data science/stats programs at Tier 1 schools. The programs I am currently looking at are as follows:

1.) Stanford M.S Statistics (Know it's prob a massive reach)
2.) Harvard Data Science (Always wanted to be rejected by harvard)
3.) Columbia M.A Statistics and M.S Data Science
4.) UMichigan - Data Science and Statistics
5.) UWashington Statistics and Data Science
6.) UCLA Applied Statistics
7.) Cornell Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Applied Statistics (Option II: Data Science)
9.) UVirginia Data Science and Statistics

I wanted to understand if these are achievable for me, and if there are any other programs I should be looking at based on my profile. I also wanted to know what are my chances at getting funding/scholarships given that I come from a non affluent background.

Much Thanks!

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