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I would like to know more about LSE and US Operation Research MsC / PhD programs.

Which background is most suitable to enter the course? I am currently studying engineering (top school in France ; applied maths, computer science, artificial intelligence and economics) at MEng level, and economics at BA level. I consider completing a MsC in statistics or applied mathematics before applying to LSE. Do you think a MsC in applied maths from ETH Zurich / from a UK school like UCL / from a French top university would be convenient to enter LSE MsC/PhD program?

I ask the same question for a PhD in OR in the US : does an engineering background sound convenient to apply to a MPhil + PhD program in Management of Technology and Operation Research (OR is often proposed by the management of tech. dpt)? Do I have to pursue first a MsC in OR from such dpt, or can I apply directly to a PhD?

Is it possible to receive a MPhil if i decide not to pursue in a phd? Are then assistantship available during the MPhil studies ? Did some of you got a grant for MsC / PhD studies ?

I am looking for advice from anybody having studied or being studying OR in the UK / US, or other places. Could you indicate your background previous to OR studies / your career path after graduation? I would be very pleased to receive a MP from you if you agree to start a conversation in order to make a few points clearer about OR studies.


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