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Tough call? Gatech vs U. of Michigan (MS in ME)


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Hello All,

I have been accepted to Georgia Tech and University of Michigan - Ann Arbor for MS in Mechanical Engineering.

I got TA funding from both schools.

My issue us, unlike those PhD applicants, I just graduated from undergraduate and I'm still doing my research to find a field for

my MS topic. If I knew which research area I'm wanna be focused on, it could be easier to make decision, but I'm not.

Potential research areas I might consider are fluid mechanics, biomechanics and design. I haven't been able to find an advisor from both schools yet.

Ranking wise, Michigan has 5th and Gatech has 6th. So it really isn't an issue.

Location/weather wise, I vote for Gatech without a doubt.

Funding situation: 1year TA from both schools, so I won't be worried until next year, but some people have been telling me

Michigan has been drowned with funding recently due to GM and other Detroit companies financial crisis. I'm not sure this is really true.

Let me know what you guys think?!

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