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Applied Math PhD Profile Evaluation


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Hello! I'm not very confident in my ability to get into a PhD program. Tried applying after undergrad and got into 0 of them, save for the masters program I am currently in. All of the programs I applied to were math-related. A good chunk of the programs I'm applying to now I have applied to before. I'm hoping my masters degree will assist in making me a much better candidate. Applying to a solid amount of Computer Science PhD programs this go around as well. 


Undergrad: Private University. No clue what the ranking is, but the school certainly doesn't have a bad reputation. Its a solid, accredited institution. Nothing to brag about.

Majors: Mathematics, Computer Science

GPA: 3.44

Relevant Coursework:

Calculus I-IV, Ordinary Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Game Theory, Introduction to Statistics, Topology, Python Programming 1 and 2, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Spreadsheet Modeling, Data Communication and Networking, Systems Development, Web Application Development, Programming Languages

Undergraduate Research:

I created a chess program in Python that gives the user a chess puzzle to solve. Earned departmental honors from the math department with this.

Developed a mobile application for android that allows the user to play games used to teach and study game theory. Was my honors capstone project.


Grad School (Masters): Public, state school. I have no clue what the ranking is, but it's a solid school and I think the program is pretty decent. Again, nothing to brag about.

Majors: Mathematical Sciences (Computational Mathematics)

GPA: 3.50

Relevant Coursework:

Advanced Linear Algebra, Methods of Optimization, Analysis I, Applied Numerical Methods, Real Analysis, Advanced Numerical Analysis, Introduction to Statistics, Game Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures, Advanced Control Theory, Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics

Masters Thesis (tentative title)

Implementing a neural network for supervised learning with a random configuration of layers and nodes in Matlab/R


Type of Student:

White male, domestic

Programs applying:

Applied Math and Computational Science PhD, Computer Science/Engineering PhD (Also posted this in the CPS section)

Research Interests:

Software Engineering, Deep Learning, Scientific Computing. Anything involving the development of software (programming in general) is interesting to me (hence me applying to CPS PhD programs), so... its case-by-case.

Other things:

I'm an Eagle Scout. I also have 0 publications. That's about it for "other things". I'm submitting my applications within a month of the deadline for some, and within a few weeks of the deadline for others. Not sure how much the timing of the submitting matters. Sure does make me feel nervous, though.


Python, R, Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript, MATLAB. Dabbled in many others.


162/160/5.0 Q/V/E


I have no clue how people judge their letters on here - I never ask to see them. Nor do I want to. Two professors I asked are fantastic people and I'm sure will write great letters. The other is my faculty advisor who is advising my master's thesis. I assume the letters will be "good".

Schools I’m planning to apply:

University of Maryland, Clemson University, Ohio State University, University of Chicago, as of now. I am looking into others. Don't care about ranking at all, just trying to find programs that fit me nicely. Really taking a lot of time, as I'm a very indecisive person. I started this process in the summer and just kept putting it off until earlier this month, like a dummy.

Any/all advice is greatly appreciated! 

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