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Fall 2021: What are my chances of getting into an MPH Epidemiology program?


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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to this site and the whole MPH admissions process and I thought I'd post this here before I submit my SOPHAS application. I'm from Northern Virginia/DC and I'm applying to MPH Epidemiology programs at GWU, GMU, UVA, Virginia Tech, VCU, UNC, BU, and Brown University. I'm basically finished with the SOPHAS application, and I just would like to get some opinions from people regarding my chances of getting into any of these schools. Please feel free to share your credentials if you're a prospective MPH student like myself if you'd like. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

Undergraduate School (2016-2020): Virginia Tech
Major: BS in Biochemistry
GPA: 3.31
GRE : 310 (Quantitative and Verbal). None of the schools I'm applying to require the scores.

-Currently working full-time as a Laboratory Assistant at AstraZeneca (5 months thus far)
-1 semester as a Life Sciences Intern at General Electric Healthcare
-1 year as an Undergraduate Research student studying quantitative genetics
-2 months-long summer research project in Germany designing a conceptual bioreactor
-2 years volunteering with Virginia Tech's community service organization doing projects related to public health and disaster relief in the Appalachian region
-1 year as an Undergraduate Life Sciences Mentor for freshmen.
-3 months summer experience volunteering at a hospital

Letters of Recommendation: My undergraduate research professor, biostatistics professor, and GE internship supervisor wrote letters for me, and I had very solid professional relationships with each of them.

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