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Non Traditional, Underrepresented Biomedical Sciences PhD Applicants (Fall 2021)


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Hi everyone! I decdied to start this post for those who want to discuss thier storiews ans how thier applications are going for Fall 2021 admissions! 

Here's about me: African American applicant. I had a year of PREP at The Ohio State Univeristy and one year of a Biomed program at  OSU. So thats about 2-ish years of experinces in several labs. I presented at several international conferences as well Woohoo! My GRE is 306, UGPA 3.7 and Graduate GPA 3.81. I left grad school first years because my mom was ill, so i am reapplying now.

I have had interviews back in 2017 with: U Maryland Epidemiology, U of Utah Biomed, OSU BSGP and Penn State biomed programs.

Currently, I have interviews with Vandy, U Miami, Mayo, U of Alabama Biringham and CU Denver :).  I'm waiting dor U Texas-Austin, Emory, UMass, Temple, Tufts (genetics), Wake Forest, MUSC and U of South Florida. My approach: Apply low, high and mid tier schools. :) Obviosuly some of thwse schools have already sent their invites and  I totally did not get one :(.


How about any of you?

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