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MDs/physicians who work in mathematical modelling/math bio


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Hi team

Anyone know of MDs who do research in mathematical biology? I am interested in this field as an MD (equivalent to a senior resident in my country I'd say) with an undergrad in math. Seems like there are mathematical epidemiologists or biophysicists but they are almost always applied mathematicians/physicists. However with the data explosion, surely this field will be expanding in the near future. Right?



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There are definitely some people who hold dual MD and PhD's who work in computational biology and/or bioinformatics, and they have established labs in medical schools for this. I am not sure how common it is for someone with only an MD but not a PhD to work in this area, though. 

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Like Stat Assistant Professor says, there are a couple Duke connections that do this sort of stuff, but they both have PhD's.  Hau-Tieng Wu (https://hautiengwu.wordpress.com/home/)  got his MD first, then did an applied math PhD at Princeton after practicing I believe, while Justin Silverman (http://www.justin-silverman.com/) did his MD and PhD at the same time.

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